About ASSI Plaza

Whether you're looking for exciting new flavors or a taste of home, let your journey begin at Assi Plaza.



Assi Plaza is the premier destination for fresh, authentic Asian groceries at down-to-earth prices. Whether you're looking for exotic produce, fresh meat and seafood, or housewares from Asia, you'll find them all under one roof at Assi Plaza.


Since our first store opened in 1993, our mission has been to deliver a "taste of home" to those who hail from Asia but make their home here in the US. Familiar flavors have the unique power of transporting you back to memories of good times with family and friends. At Assi Plaza, let us bring you back home with every visit.

And if you're new to Asian cuisine let us open up a whole world of vibrant flavors — from fresh sushi to fiery kimchi, and the stories and cultures in between. There's always something new to experience; sample essential Asian dishes in our food court, browse the independent in-house bookstore or pharmacy, or grab supplies to make an extraordinary new recipe at home. The possibilities are endless when you come visit our home, and bring us into yours.


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